Friday, June 14, 2013

Flashback Friday: Dad

My dad

So here's the thing: my dad at 75 years old has questionable fashion sense. His clothes are a little too loud, too much bling, and for some inexplicable reason he likes to brag that he got a piece of clothing for $5 at the local Ross (He's the Macklemore of geriatrics - only he doesn't wear granddad clothes, but young man clothes). 

So here's the other thing: I'd rather have my dad dress the way he does and still try to look stylish than give up and wear typical old man's clothes: trousers hiked up to his armpits, comfortable SAS shoes and a reliable old polo shirt is off-limits to him.  

My dad always tries to look different and I love that about him. The above photo of my dad is one of my favorites. Everything about this look was your typical 1960s attire, but even in his twenties my dad wanted to stand out hence the orange socks. Brilliant.

Keep shopping at Ross old man and bling it to the cows come home. 

Happy early Father's Day.  I love you.

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  1. gorgeous! that automobile is absolutely adorable!


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