Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Random Cuteness Wednesday

Is there anything cute about the human heart? with it's veiny, throbbing, muscle mass? No? How about if we put a cute face on it and literally make it a "heart of gold":

Uncommon goods heart of gold plush
Presto! a cute muscle organ! Uncommon Goods sells these adorable plushies out of the unlikely things: body parts. 

Uncommon goods eyeball tooth plush
Uncommon Goods organ plush
Trust me, you'll never look at a prostate the same way again.


  1. Now the big question is, do they make cute penis plushies? It's sort of a muscle and a organ!! Imagine your little one cuddling with his/her plushy penis ;)

    1. Something tells me some of these plushies belong in their adult might as well have the penis plushie, they already have it's friend, the testicle.


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