Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Frustrated designer: The Bowerbird

I told my husband I wanted to blog about the Bowerbird and he said the Bowerbird had nothing to do with design - oh you silly man!  The Bowerbird is like the Jonathan Adler of the avian world. The pops of color are everywhere.

The Bowerbirds are native of New Guinea and Australia. They are known for their complex mating behavior which involves building a bower to attract their mates.  Some Bowerbirds build their bower by arranging sticks in a vertical position and placing colorful objects around the area. These birds spend hours building their bower or as we humans call "the bachelor pad." Some Bowerbirds do not get chosen because their bower simply did not "make the cut." Rejection still stings even in the avian community.  


May I suggest to you, Bower-dude, instead of using scraps of blue paper on the ground to perhaps lay a few of the Jonathan Adler Brasilia bird pillows around your lair? Females love the cuteness and plus it may showcase your feminine style.
Some Bowerbirds use plant juice to color the twigs. This bower has pops of blues, reds and oranges.   

Reminds me of what Jonathan Adler's own dining room color palette looks like:

Okay now don't get me started on the Bowerbird's similarities to Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West...

(top photo: Peter Halasz; 2nd bower photo: CauseThey'reThere's via flickr; bottom photo: Jessica Antola via Zatista)

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