Sunday, October 21, 2012

Milo and Stella

The two kids depicted above are my adorable, yet rambunctious children: Milo, almost 5, and Stella, almost 2. Designing a shared room is hard enough, but if your kids are of a different gender it makes it that much more challenging.  

I grew up in a small home. There were five siblings sharing two rooms.  I learned that sharing a room teaches patience and helps foster your own identity in a creative way.

One of my all time favorite shared rooms is actor Mark Ruffalo's children's room (which was featured in Domino's 2009 issue).  The room designed by Nickey Kehoe was proof that a girl and boy can share a room and still exude style and cohesiveness.  The eclectic and slightly bohemian charm of this room is what stands out to me, but the common elements (like the Jenny Lind beds and african hoop chairs) hold it together.  I love that each child can show their individuality in this room and still keep the style intact.  

Now if somehow I can work Milo's obsession with Minecraft and Stella's obsession with Super Mario Bros into this mix than we're in business...

(top photo:  original work; bottom photos: via BlackEiffel)

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