Saturday, October 20, 2012

San Diego makes me Blue

I'll be blogging quite a bit about the city I was born, raised and now live in.  San Diego certainly lives up to it's title "America's finest city."  San Diego was also voted the luckiest city by Men's Health Magazine in 2011 (the most hole-in-ones, the most Mega Millions and Powerball winners, and the least deaths by lightning strikes!).  Let's also throw in our beautiful beaches to the west, our mountains to the east, Shamu, World Famous Zoo, Comic Con, enjoyable weather and our delicious fish tacos....I can go on and on...

But this is a blog about design and style and color is an important component of both.  Color elicits moods and attracts the eye.  If there is a color that epitomizes San Diego it would be blue. Not primary blue, but aqua blue and baby blue.  Those blues make you think of relaxation and serenity.

The best example of this is our Coronado Bridge, which is becoming iconic to San Diego as the Golden Gate Bridge is to San Francisco.

(photo by Travels by Monkey via flickr)

The bridge was opened in 1969 and was quickly recognized for it's beauty in 1970 by receiving The Most Beautiful Bridge of Merit by the American Institute of Steel Construction.  The blue color was chosen to blend with sky and sea.  The Coronado Bridge also has a graceful curve to it that is best appreciated from afar.  Driving on this bridge is another experience entirely - a little bit scary and exhilarating at once but the views from above are spectacular.  

This Blue can be found everywhere you look in San Diego. I took this photo from the Cabrillo National Monument:

(via iphone)

Lest I forget about style in San Diego in regards to the color blue, we only need to look at our own San Diego Charger football team:

(photo by Mike Nowak via San Diego Chargers)

Their throwback uniforms are generally regarded as one of the best uniforms in sports history. The perfect pairing, aesthetically speaking, between a sports team and a city.  Even though the Chargers got embarrassed on national television this past Monday night, they at least looked good doing it.  Way to go Throwback Uniforms!

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  1. I think that Charger game today made a lot of San Diego fans blue, too!!! Seriously, San Diego is definitely a fine city to live in :)


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