Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love week: A simple note will do

I'm a simple gal. I love the simple things in life. Although it is nice when my husband gives me a dozen red roses or prepares an elaborate dinner for me, but what really makes my heart aflutter is when he gives me a simple note or card with a handwritten message. It makes my heart melt in a thousand different ways.

When that note comes at an unexpected time it makes it that much more special. I remember getting into my car during a normal, stressful work day and finding a simple post-it note on the wheel saying "I Love You, Pumpkin." Needless to say my day went a little bit better and that post-it note is now hanging in my cubicle.

A simple note

A card with someone else's saying works if it expresses your thoughts, but when you take the time to also write your own message it gives that card a little more heft and heart. Try it and watch your loved one's face light up more. 

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