Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Majestic Butter Creature

My five-year old son, Milo, is obsessed with the game Minecraft. Those not in the know, Minecraft is a popular pixelated game that many boys (and men) love playing. You can build worlds out of these pixelated blocks and you also protect yourself against Creepers and Zombies. 

For the past week Milo has been bugging us to post him on YouTube playing the game. His aspiration at five is not to be a superhero or a firefighter or a cowboy, but to have many people on YouTube watch him play his favorite game! Who are we to deprive him of his goal.

As for the title of my blog post? That's the name Milo refers to himself when he fights the evil creatures - "The Majestic Butter Creature" (because he loves butter so much). 

So if you can, like-share-view his video and maybe one day he can be the new YouTube sensation like the Biebs and PSY. 

(Minecraft image via moddb)

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  1. Coolness! I will be sure to share this video on Facebook too!


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