Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What a cubicle dweller dreams of...

In three to five years, I may have to find a new cubicle to dream out of. The company I have worked the past nineteen years for is "closing up shop" here in California and moving their offices out of state. It's something my co-workers and I knew was coming, but to hear the official word is a little unsettling, a little scary, and a whole lot unknown. My husband and I decided not to follow my company out of state and in all likelihood I will have to look for a new job.  

The question is will I try to find a job in the same industry or will I try something new? I am a creature of habit and it's definitely not in my nature to find something new, but you never know.

My dream is to work out of my house. It's a lot more private and I can be near my kids every day. And of course, I can dream of home office spaces like the following:

Home office space

Retro modern is one of my favorite styles.  The clean and simple lines are up my alley. Question is can I keep my desk this clean? Better question, can I keep a plant alive?

Home office space

So many things I adore: Seesaw work table, substitute a California print instead of New York, the eclectic mix of decor on and hanging above the desk (those wooden ball thingees - have no idea what they are, but me like).

Home work spaces

It's the gallery black wall that gets me. The possibilities are endless. 

home work spaces

The co-ed work space. Just enough distance so you can have a bit of personal space and at the same time still be able to blow kisses to each other (although my husband would never blow kisses, but I would because I'm that kind of sappy).

Of course, having inspiring words in my office space will help me get through the difficult and challenging times I have ahead of me:

Home office space

Home work space

"I'm not giving up, I'm just getting started."

(photos via here, here, herehere and here)


  1. I love the co-ed work space! Great inspirational quotes! I always try to remind myself that life should be an adventure otherwise it would be boring!

    1. Yes life is an adventure - I never thought I would be where I am at today if life was predictable.

  2. loving it. Definitely working from home would be my ultimate fantasy. That would be another exciting chapter in your life's journey. Oooh! I got an idea! Why don't you invade the kids' room and turn it into your office with the gallery black wall? LOL! I can't wait!

    1. It might not be a bad idea to turn my kid's room into an office, because my kids still sleep in my room!!! Egads.


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