Friday, April 12, 2013

Flashback Friday: Milli Vanilli

I'm going to just throw it right out there...I was a big fan of Milli Vanilli back in the days. Like the rest of America, I was mesmerized with these two guys with perfect hair, tight bicycle shorts singing great songs like Girl You Know It's True and Blame it on the Rain. Those of you not familiar with this group, here's what they looked like:

Milli Vanilli

Perfect for the '80s right? All style and what many of us didn't know was that there was basically no substance. It was eventually discovered that they were a fraud. Rob and Fab were a well-oiled lip-syncing creation.  They were stripped of their Grammy for Best New Artist, tried unsuccessfully to prove their singing abilities, and most tragically Rob died of a alcohol and drug overdose in 1998.

As much as I hide in shame saying I loved this group and even went to their concert, I am not ashamed many years later to say I still think Girl You Know It's True and Blame it on the Rain  are damn good songs. It doesn't matter if it was sung by two good looking European guys or two out of shape guys hiding in their mom's basement, these songs are just as singable and enjoyable as they were back in 1989.

Okay, I got that off of my chest, now back to our regular schedule programming...


  1. oh god, did you also have their posters on your bedroom walls in their full-size glory just like my sisters? I'm surprised you didn't fall for TIFFANY like i did! lol!

    1. No, my obsession didn't go that far...I reserved my walls for Rob Lowe and C. Thomas Howell. Tiffany? You sure not Debbie Gibson?


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