Monday, April 15, 2013

Oh so that's what's in a Gummi bear...

Ever wonder about the anatomy of a Gummi bear or a My Little Pony? Well, wonder no more. Artist Jason Freeny has created these clever anatomy prints of some recognizable figures/toys. 

Jason Freeny

Jason Freeny

With my love of things cute, yet slightly a little creepy, this is definitely up my alley. But I also think this is a great way to teach your kids anatomy in a way that is not so scary as seeing those human anatomy posters (although, it may backfire, because when I showed my son the picture of the gummi bear anatomy, he said he doesn't want to eat gummi bears anymore because he'd be eating "bones").  

Jason Freeny
Jason Freeny
Jason Freeny

I just admire anyone who can take a subject like anatomy and turn it into clever art. Check out more of Jason Freeny's work here


  1. This is super cool -- I am going to school for art so I find this super fascinating although you are correct slightly creepy.

    I found you through Peacoats and Plaid link up and I too am hosting a blog hop! I'd love for you to stop by, tout a post and get to know you better! :)

    xoxo Brittany Michelle

    1. Thanks for dropping by. Good luck at your school. You can get so inspired looking at others blogs! I'll be going to your blog hop.


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