Friday, April 19, 2013

Flashback Friday: My Favorite Smurf

When I was a kid one of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons was The Smurfs. For those not familiar, The Smurfs was about these little blue creatures, who stood "3 apples tall" and lived in mushroom houses in the forest. They wore white pants and hats and lived as a community sharing chores. They were mostly male, except for Smurfette (later, she was joined by Sassette and by Nanny and Clockwork Smurfette [although, I have no idea who the last two were]). There were of course more nefarious characters who wanted to kill the smurfs, most notably the evil Gargamel. 

There were supposedly more than 100 Smurfs in the village, but of course as a kid you gravitate towards a favorite one. 

This post is dedicated to my favorite Smurf of all time:  Clumsy Smurf. 

Clumsy Smurf

Why was he my favorite? These are the reasons:
  • He had no agendas, he was lovable and is basically the most amiable of the bunch.
  • He had the loose fitting hat (that always seemed to hang a little too low over his eyes) which made him even more adorable
  • He was accident prone
  • He loves collecting rocks and has a fondness for cute animals - he is a hippie smurf
  • He has no apparent job in the village, but he is everyone's friend
  • He has that southern accent
  • He was best friends with Brainy Smurf, who is inarguably the most annoying Smurf, which goes to show you that Clumsy was the friendliest and most patient smurf
If you grew up watching The Smurfs, who was your favorite blue guy?


  1. My favorite smurf was the chef hat-wearing Greedy Smurf! He loves to eat good food which I totally related to as a kid and of course now! But my favorite character in the Smurfs was that crazy cat Azrael!

    1. Jun and I were trying to remember which smurfs was everyones favorite. The food Greedy Smurf always ate looked good.


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