Friday, May 3, 2013

Flashback Friday: Jude Law

True story. In October of 1995, my sister and I visited New York City and saw Jude Law's private parts. Let me back track...

We went to see this off-Broadway play called Indiscretions because the actress Kathleen Turner was supposed to be in it. When we got to the play, we found our Kathleen Turner was ill and her understudy was taking her place. We were a bit disappointed, but we decided to watch the play anyways (turned out to be a good decision).

The son was played by a young actor named Jude Law, whose first scene was in a bathtub talking to his girlfriend (trivia: the girlfriend was played by Cynthia Nixon, who would later play Miranda in Sex and the City). It was your normal chit-chat scene until Jude Law came out of the bathtub in all his morning glory! His bits and pieces, twig and berries hanging out for all to see! (I can go on and on with the euphemisms but you get my drift). My sister and I were literally gob-smacked and soon noticed the majority of the audience were women and most of them were using opera glasses (obviously not their first time watching this play, they came prepared). 

Anyhoo, what happened after that I can't really recall - the play was quite boring, but I remember that actor later when his first starring role in a motion picture came out - Gattaca. No nudity in that movie, but Jude was gorgeous and eventually reached his gorgeous apex with The Talented Mr. Ripley (Jude had a bathtub scene in this movie too - perfect). 

My dear Jude is now showing his age, with the bags under his eyes, the receding hairline...but back in the days he was so gloriously beautiful:

* Sigh * Hey Jude indeed.

(photos via Pinterest)


  1. Yes, he was the quite the looker! Loved him in Gattaca!

    1. Yeah, his character and his looks were both appealing in Gattaca.

  2. You saw his junk?! That should be THE NAME OF THIS BLOG! Or, you could shorten it and just make it

    That's fricking gold!

    And I LOVED the movie GATTACA. I'm a science nerd so I found the references to DNA and the entire premise completely fascinating (and staring at Jude Law wasn't too shabby either, although I didn't get to see his junk.)

    And then he played Dickey in The Talented Mr. Ripley. I bet you liked him in that role, as it brought you back to that glorious night at the theater.

    My hubby and I are headed to New York in a few days. I will keep my eyes open for this play, and for Jude's Junk (dot com.)

    1. Too funny. That is definitely a better blog tittle. I think you're too late to visit Jude's private parts if you go to NY now - 1995 was when it was visible! Have a good time in NY anyways. Thanks for visiting and following.

  3. Hello Rose! I came across your blog via the Meet & Greet Blog Hop. I follow you through GFC and Google+. Please visit my blog and follow me back. If you enjoy my post, please click "Like" or leave a message. I appreciate the support.

    Thank you,

    Vashti Q

    1. Thanks for visiting, I'll be popping by your blog and following as well.


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