Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Random Cuteness Wednesday

So here's the thing, I think I would fit perfectly in Japan. "Kawaii" in Japan means cuteness which is such a prominent aspect of Japanese culture. I've just loved cute things throughout my life that I am dying to make a trip to Japan and overdose on all that Kawaii. If Kawaii was a tall iced hazelnut macchiato I would drink it everyday (because I do drink iced hazelnut macchiato everyday, it's an addiction).

For my new weekly posts (or in my case, semi-weekly - because I'm just bad about keeping my posts regular), I'll try to share some of the adorably cute things I have found during my nightly internet surfing. Oohs and Aahs are welcome.

Etsy crochet miniature animals

Su Ami is a group of family crafters living in Vietnam. They create these impossibly cute crochet animals that are unbelievably tiny, which to me anything miniature is already going past 10 on the cuteness scale.  

Etsy crochet miniature animals

Etsy crochet miniature animals

Etsy miniature crochet animals

Seriously? how freaking cute are these buggers?! And you know what? There's more of them...check out their shop and be prepared to adopt these little guys. 


  1. oh my god! i just cannot imagine the amount of yarns that were sacrificed to make those animals!


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