Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I want a foyer because it's cool to say foyer

I don't have a foyer in my house...it's more like a teeny, tiny transition space into my living room or a small viewpoint towards our staircase. If I want to take my shoes off or put my shoes on, I sit on the bottom step of our staircase to do it. I actually put two little hooks to hang jackets/hats near our front door just to make it seem like a foyer. But it's not a foyer, it's a "faux"yer. 

Is it wrong of me to put on our house-hunting wish list a proper foyer? hmmm, more square footage or a proper foyer? decisions decisions. 

Anyways, I think I want a foyer because I already know what I want in one: (1) bench; (2) basket (optional) to hold shoes/mail/doodads; (3) a large enough wall to hang either coat hooks/rack or a large painting or a gallery wall. Simple, but functional all around - my kind of space.  

yep, a foyer it is.


  1. Yes, foyers are great...they're both functional and decorative! We use to have one but now a piano sits in it's place plus our bench broke too! Love that yellow chair!

    1. I forgot you had a bench before there. At least you have more a foyer than I have. Yeah, I love the pops of yellow on the last photo.


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