Friday, May 24, 2013

Flashback Friday: "Happy little trees"

I used to watch The Joy of Painting not to learn about painting, but to be completely entranced and zen'd out by the calming voice of Bob Ross. He with the white man's afro and the ability to create a paint-like numbers landscape in 26 minutes. 

I found his words absolutely soothing with his talks of "happy little trees" and creating a "little friend over there." He quite literally put me in a "happy little" coma. I've never smoked a doobage in my life but I can imagine watching The Joy of Painting while being all Snoop Dogg (or is it Snoop Lion?) would be a perfect pairing.

I continued watching his shows on PBS not even realizing that Mr. Ross passed away from lymphoma cancer in 1995. It's sad to think that he would not be painting his happy little worlds anymore, but I'm sure up there in the clouds he is painting for the big man in the sky and making him go into a sleepy lull.

I'll end this post with a famous Bob Ross quote: "We want happy paintings. Happy paintings. If you want sad things, watch the news." Well said, Mr. Ross, well said. 


  1. Omg... I watched him every Saturday of my childhood before I went to my art classes! *memories

    1. He was great. There will never be another Bob Ross...


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