Friday, November 2, 2012

Fave celebrity home tour: Ione Skye

One of my favorite 80s movies is "Say Anything," if only for that classic scene of John Cusack in his trench coat and boom box playing Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes." The young actress who starred in that movie was Ione Skye. Ione's father is Donovan who sang the 1960s hit "Mellow Yellow."  That song is so fitting for Ione's style. Her home reflects a casual, Caifornia cool. It doesn't matter if she is working with her ex-husband/designer, David Netto, or Nathan Turner (who designed her current home), her personal style shines through.  

I first discovered Ione Skye's home through now-defunct, yet beloved magazine, Domino. Since then this home has been featured on several design blogs and rightly so. I absolutely love homes that can combine a bohemian and modern style. Extra points go towards integrating a California charm to it as well.  

The bedroom makes me swoon. I love the color combination of blue and green mixed with the organic materials of the swinging chair, the floor pillow and wood divider used as a headboard. All of the above makes this space so calming that you want to just grab a book and hang out here all day.

The colors continue with the pops of red in this charming office space. The kilim rug, which in my opinion are the most versatile of rugs in modern design, brings that eclecticism into this room. The vintage charm of that red desk blends well with the modern photo art above it. That doberman by the door doesn't hurt things either!

How about this living room? Everything about it I love. Again, the effortless blending of comfort and modern, the use of organic materials and the ubiquitous mid-century stand alone fireplace just makes me jealous.

Her current home's design that she worked on with Nathan Turner still showcases Ione's style, but I will always have a special fondness for her former home. It would absolutely be my dream house.

(photos found via MIMI+MEG: Home Tour :: Ione Skye)


  1. Love that blue/green rug and white sofa with matching footstool! I've been looking for a rug just like that! I'm sure it only cost Ione Skye a few thousand dollars ;-P

    1. Are you sure IKEA doesn't offer a knock off?!


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