Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What a cubicle dweller dreams of...

It should be known I do not work for a company in the creative field. I work for a company who thinks practically and functionally. But that's okay, because my brain is part reason and function and the other part creative and a bit of a dreamer. When I see pictures of office spaces that combine both function and creativeness it catches my eye.  

The office space of Refinery29 is an example of that:  

The workspaces are clearly cubicle-like, but the flash is achieved by adding that reclaimed lumber trim around the edges. Of course the stylish part is achieved by that Patrick Townsend designed Orbit chandelier (available here). I wouldn't mind the Non Random Moooi hanging light fixture over my space.

How about that cool Missoni-looking sneakers on the desk. Refinery 29 has a tutorial on how to make your own here.  

The office space for Etsy is as you would expect - a bit eclectic and a bit home made.  

Of course, those kilim rugs makes this space look comfortable. A nice plant on your desk takes out some of that artificial air blowing around you. Now put that nice plant in a cute vase and you bring it up a notch. 

How about an Etsy print hung up on your wall?  

Now excuse while I go and try to convince my boss to allow me to put bright blue and orange polka-dotted curtains on the windows.

(office space photos found via My First Little Place and Inc.) 


  1. Maybe you could make your cubicle a mini-version of the Etsy office...brightly colored polka-dotted curtains on your cubicle walls rather than the windows ;-) I could sew them for you while I sit at my office sewing machine...that's pretty much what I do all day at IKEA! My latest position should be called "sweatshop" seamstress! Love that planter, too!

    1. I can probably have one cover the entrance to my cubicle, someone else in my office did that to his cubicle (another frustrated artist). If you check out the website for that planter - there are other cute planters she has and statues.

  2. wow. I wish my desk would look like that? (esp. the first pic) - I can actually bring a picture of Teddy (hehe).


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