Friday, November 16, 2012

Fave celebrity home tour: Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo, in my honest opinion, is probably the best Bruce Banner in the Hulk movie series (no offense to Mr. Bana or Mr. Norton). Just judging by his former home (the Ruffalos sold their home in the Hollywood Hills and moved to upstate New York - no, I am not a stalker), I would bet he has the best personal style.

I've already showcased his children's room in a previous post, but the remainder of his home is also a favorite of mine. His home was designed by Nickey-Kehoe and I love the laid-back appeal. 

Some people find leather furniture to be too masculine, but this family room shows how it can be softened with the use of colorful throws and pillows. Add some pretty flowers in a vase and you get a welcoming and warm room. 

The art of the entryway. My house does not have a formal entryway or mudroom, but if it did this is what it would look like. The simplicity of having the shelving with the rotating art is an easy decorating tool.

The sunroom is what you want a sunroom to look like - bright and airy. The mix of colors work here. That color block floor lamp is still in the moment. 

I don't know where they got this leather chaise chair with ottoman, but I want it. Even though this house tour was back in 2009, they incorporated accessories that are popular now: the bell jar on the nightstand for instance. 

Maybe the Hulk will be much more relaxed living in the countryside in the Catskill Mountains, but I hope whoever bought the Hollywood Hills home got it fully furnished. 

(photos via BlackEiffel and desire to inspire)


  1. I really love his home of 2009! I could totally live there! Even though Mark Ruffalo isn't my "type" his design sense and just being the best Bruce Banner makes him a bit more attractive...although he's no Kit Harington ;)

    1. I bet Kit Harrington doesn't have a home like this.


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