Monday, November 19, 2012

The Look of Inception

I just re-watched Inception recently and decided that this terrific film was robbed of the best picture Academy Award in 2011. That movie had an excellent script, original idea, talented actors, an awesome director, and an ending that made many people watch the movie over again to figure it out. 

Besides the above reasons, Inception is just one damn cool film. The set designs were amazing - apparently the film did not use a lot of green screens. The Penrose stair scene was actually built on scaffolds, but the scaffolds were later erased using CG. M.C. Escher 's Ascending and Descending lithograph print was used as inspiration. 

Can we talk Fashion? Alice in Wonderland with it's wild Madhatter looks may have won best costume design in 2011, but Inception had those suits. As architects of the dream world, the suits were sharp, angular and fit perfectly. There was something timeless, yet futuristic about the clothes. Unlike a John Hughes teen movie, where you can just see the wardrobe and know it took place in the 1980s (trust me, I grew up in the 80s and I would know pegged pants and mullets when I see it), Inception will not look dated in the future.

Check out Saito's kimono under his jacket. The look was very traditional yet at the same time contemporary with a combination of eastern and western influences. 

And who was the best dressed mofo in Inception? That kid from "Third Rock From the Sun." Okay, I know he is far from being called that kid from "Third Rock From the Sun," so I'll just say JGL's Arthur was the most stylish sidekick to hit the silver screen ever. 

And if you haven't seen Inception, get yourself out from under that third rock and check it out.

(photos Warner Bros)


  1. You just wanted to see JGL on your blog...I know you are a secret fan of his just like me and Charmaine!!!

    1. I was a fan of his Arthur in this movie...don't try to convert me into the JGL cougar club!

  2. well, i might as well add channing tatum to my blog one day.. haha!

    1. He is the sexiest man alive and deserves to get shout out on your blog!


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