Friday, November 30, 2012

What a cubicle dweller dreams of...

To say that working in a cubicle offers you privacy is an overstatement of vast proportions. Sure you have your three and a half walls, but who are we kidding? You want upmost privacy then convince the company (or as I like to call them "da man") to invest in these Kithaus modulars. 

Kithaus modular

All modulars are fully insulated, have electrical outlets, and are equipped for solar powered and heating/AC. Just stick these bad boys in the parking lot and the employees may want to just sit in there all day working hard (or hardly working?). 

Kithaus modular

I might not even leave my workspace for breaks or lunch.  I would just shut the shutters and get some shut eye.

Eames bird

Office decor? How about keeping with the modern theme and using the famous Eames bird as your paperweight. A little pricey paperweight, but with this beautiful modular as cubicle, I would splurge. 

Stendig calendar

Keep the modern decor going with the classic Stendig Calendar.

morning mugs

If I drank coffee, which I don't (but probably should), I wouldn't mind using these Morning Mugs. They perk up once they get their coffee on. Can you just say adorable?


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