Thursday, March 28, 2013


Glass cloches were originally invented by the French. The purpose was to protect young plants from the harsher outside elements (i.e. weather, insects, etal). They acted almost like a miniature greenhouse. 

But lately, glass cloches can be used for home decor. People put any treasured or interesting item under them. Some of my favorites include the following:

(via Twig Terrariums)

If I had to put a plant in a cloche, I would choose a terrarium (the cloche would protect the terrarium from not just the weather elements, but from me - because I would probably kill it in a New York minute). 

Silk henna doll
(via Enchanted Doll)
How awesome is this porcelain doll! with her sterling silver head dress with fresh water pearls and Mohair wig, you can see why she needs to be displayed and protected under her glass cloche. 

(via designlovefest)
How about putting miniature furniture under your cloche? I had a thing for miniature chairs at one point in my tchotchke-infused life and now feel I need to bring that obsession back just to put it under it's own glass dome. 

(via Pinterest via Rockett St George)
I like the idea of shoving a bunch of your kids toys inside of the cloche. Probably a good storage method too for all my son's loose lego figures - home decor and toy storage...Score!

(via sfgirlbybay)
This idea is my favorite: something as simple as a paper figure or origami placed inside the cloche. It's easy to change out once in awhile. 

Have something you love to display? Well cloche it. 


  1. OMG...I am in love with that porcelain doll cloche "The Silk Road"!!! Can you spare me $15,000? Pinning it now!

    1. I saw your pin(s) - I commented on them. I think I'll sell Allan's motorcycle to afford that porcelain doll. I'm in love with it too.

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    xoxo Pakize

    Madame Keke


    1. Thanks for the follow back. You have a great weekend as well, gorgeous!


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