Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What a cubicle dweller dreams of...celebrity style

I find Chelsea Handler not very funny (sorry Handler fans), but the gal has an beautiful office space. Which makes me think that in real life she isn't as abrasive or crude, but a sweet, girly girl like the rest of us.  

Chelsea Handler office
Her office is super feminine. All those pops of pinks and magenta. The desk facing the lounge area is perfect if I wanted to do work and entertain at the same time or when I just want to kick back and read some design books.  

Chelsea Handler office
How about that awesome wall art by Kyle Bunting. It is made entirely of hide. It is definitely appreciated from afar as well as up close. The brass Arteriors lamp is of the moment and fits in perfectly with the decor. 

Check out the rest of her space over here. Girlfriend even has a vanity mirror desk and a floor to ceiling marble bathroom.


  1. i loove the rug on the wall! It'll never get dirty. kendall kardashian ruined her mom's kyle bunting rug by spilling marinara sauce on it! lol!

    1. You're so funny Noel! I think I saw that episode too. Luckily our Crate & Barrell outlet rug doesn't cost an arm & leg since kids are always spilling something on it!


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