Friday, March 1, 2013

Doodles Come Alive!

I was a big doodler in my younger days and I admit even now, during one of my job's long office meetings, I zone out by doodling on my notepad. 

So when I found out the illustrator, Christoph Niemann, had done an IPad app (Petting Zoo) I had to have it for me my kids.  His doodles come alive with a few simple strokes. There are no instructions needed, kids instinctively know how to swipe up, down, and from side to side. Not only is this app affordable, it's so kooky, clever and entertaining that it's hard to put down.  

Petting Zoo

Petting Zoo

Kids can create music on the back of a porcupine, by the legs of an octopus, or the teeth of a crocodile. 

Petting Zoo

My favorite is the ladybug on the apple you can make him do a quick jog around the apple, ride his skateboard, jump on the apple, and if you swipe fast enough, he "flames on."

The clever transitions between each doodle is also a plus.  Even the credits are doodle animated.  

Treat your kids and yourself - Check it out here.


  1. That's pretty neat! I'll have to show the boys this doodle app!

    1. I think your boys will like this app. Milo and Stella get a kick out of it and so do I.


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