Friday, March 8, 2013

Bow Ties are Cool

"I wear your granddad's clothes, I look incredible" - Macklemore

It used to be in the day that bow ties were considered for older, professorial gents or Alfalfa from Little Rascals, but now I'm noticing that the bow tie is making it's comeback with a much cooler crowd.

I'm personally digging the guy who can sport this look outside of your typical red carpet tuxedo. If you can wear a bow tie with your suit or with just a dress shirt and look like you own it, then you are superbad in my book.

Is the bow tie sexy?  That can be debatable, but it does have a certain hipster-nerd-cool vibe to it.

Need proof? Check these guys out:

Ryan Gosling bow tie

The Gosling. Nuff said. The guy could wear a bucket on his head and still look cool.

Justin Timberlake bow tie

JT. I can now forgive him for his frosted tips, diamond earrings and questionable fashion sense back in his *NSync days, because JT is such the renaissance man and he knows a good bow tie when he sees it. 

Joseph Gordon leavitt bow tie

JGL. Not only was he the best character with style in Inception, but on the red carpet he knows how to rock a bow tie. If there is a word to describe JGL, it's "dandy."

Kanye West bow tie

K. West. Before he lost cool credit by dating a Kardashian, Kanye had better taste in accessories with his bow ties.

Robert Downey Jr bow tie

RDJr. Only Iron Man himself can get away with the polka dot bow tie and striped jacket. His irreverent style fits his personality to a T. 

Harry Styles bow tie

Harry.  I'm an old fogey, so I only knew about this kid by reading US Magazine and dancing (badly) to his band's song on Wii's Just Dance 4, but I find his last name fitting - this kid has "Style"s.

Brad Goreski bow tie

B. Goreski. If there ever was a person on the face of this planet who is trying his damndest to bring the bow tie back, it is this former assistant to stylist Rachel Zoe. I can just imagine his immense collection of bow ties rotating in his walk-in closet. It's probably like walking into Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

Uggie bow tie

Uggie. Yes, even those of the canine variety can sport them.


  1. Bow ties just make a great fashion statement don't they?

    1. Yes they do. Got to have confidence to pull them off.

  2. Yes, I think bow ties look handsome on a man...of course, it depends on the man and how they wear it! Robert Downey Jr. knows how to rock it! I love that man!

    1. Robert Downey Jr is Mr. Fabulous. I'm glad his addiction didn't do him in and he came back stronger than ever.


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