Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I Kill Plants

True story - when I was in college, my sister gave me her cactus plant to take care of. I thought this shouldn't be too hard - Desert plants do not need much water right? They reside in dry and hot climates!...Wrong!

You know when you watch those nature documentaries and they show time lapse footage of a plant slowly dying, well this cactus did not slowly wilt away, it quite literally fell over right in front of me! It was hollow and dead inside and it looked kind of like this:

My Art - dead cactus
A pretty dead-on characterization of that cactus (well, minus the x's for eyes and the downward smile). Needless to say, no one ever gives me plants to take care of anymore. I am also lucky that my husband has a green thumb and actually enjoys taking care of our plants (he also cooks and therefore I am the luckiest woman on the planet). 

What's a girl to do when I love looking at plants but have such a 'black' thumb? Well, you go fake.

Paper plants Port-a-Plant

Paper Succulents

These adorable paper plants and succulents (including a paper pot) are obviously fake, but they are so whimsical, quirky and colorful that I wouldn't mind having them sit on my window sill as decoration. No watering necessary - bonus!

Origami paper cherry blossoms

The Flirty Guide has a brilliant DIY tutorial on creating these pretty little origami cherry blossoms on real branches. No potential of wilting petals. Brilliant.

Of course, as with life, there is always hope. I haven't given up on having real plants and discovered the trick to keeping plants's called water stupid.


  1. I am totally in love with those paper succulents!!! I could find a nice spot by the window for them and not worry about watering all!

    1. Yeah, I'm seriously thinking of getting those paper succulents - they're adorable.

  2. the cactus died maybe because it wanted to be cooked and eaten (i've eaten cactus before). But even sadder for the cactus because you never cooked! lol! And i looove those cherry blossoms!

    1. Cactus does taste good. Neither way is a good end for the cactus: eaten or slowly killed by not watering it.


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