Friday, December 7, 2012

Fave celebrity home tour: Round up

I love looking at celebrity homes and not because I'm a stalker, but because since I was a kid I've been a big fan of movies and once in a while I like to see their life behind the cameras. I shamelessly admit I enjoy reading (or just plain looking at) US Magazine and partake of the inexplicable fascination some of us have with seeing a celebrity carrying a Starbucks cup of coffee. But mostly, I like looking at the style they have off-camera and whether that style reflects itself in their home decor. 

So for today's post, I am doing a celebrity round-up of some of my favorite celebrity rooms. 

Cat Deeley

"So You Think You Can Dance" host, Cat Deely, has a marvelous boho-chic home. Her living/family room area is to die for. That sofa is to die for. Coming from a large family, I can only dream of having that kind of sofa where all my family members can hang out on. 

Sofia Coppola

I'm a big fan of Sofia Coppola's fashion sense, which is simple and elegant, so it is no surprise her home decor is the same. Again, her sofa is to die for. That soothing, baby blue color on top of that plush white area rug makes this space so inviting. Not to mention the whole feminity of this space is appealing.

Keri Russell

Actress Keri Russell's Brooklyn brownstone home is a gem. Where do I start with this dining room? The whole vibe I'm digging. I am a fan of the natural mixed with industrial look and the wooden table with the wired chairs exemplifies this. The topper in this room is that brick fireplace. How comforting is it to eat your meals next to a fireplace.

Ellen Degeneres Porta di Rossi

Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi's living room is fabulous to me for one simple reason: that awesome Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat painting collaboration right smack dab in the middle. Everything else is muted around it, so the painting is definitely the focal point in this room. 

Jordana Brewster

Actress Jordana Brewster's loft is super soft and feminine. That pink settee is dreamy. Give me some tea and a good book and I'm good to go. 

What celebrity spaces do you adore? I would love to check them out. 

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