Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Custom portraits make me smile

Something about drawn custom portraits that make me smile. Just like my obsession with cute maps and city prints, I love when someone is able to draw a custom portrait of you in a creative way. I know I'm not a fan of my picture being taken, but I certainly do not mind when someone draws me. It's interesting to see how people may interpret the way you look.

Once my husband and I had kids, we worked together creating our first "family portrait," in a different way. My husband is a big monster movie fan and I'm a big fan of Tim Burton's ghoulish creations, put them both together and it looks like this:
my original art
There's meaning behind each of our looks: my husband's ears stick out, my eyes are big and my hair is uncontrollable in the morning. If you look closely our 'kids' eyes have tiny white hearts, which has it's own special and private meaning.

I'm still perfecting 'human' portraits.  My first attempt was for my sister's wedding 10 years ago:

original art

My most recent ones were my kids. Of course I wouldn't mind getting our family portraits done by others. I've found some adorable works that I'm dying to one day be able to purchase from.  
Rifle Paper Co.
I'm a big fan of the Rifle Paper Co. The simplicity of their drawings is what I'm liking, not to mention the cute factor ups the quota.  

Nan Lawson

How about Nan Lawson's drawings? Her Etsy shop with her prints are hip and adorable. She also does custom portraits like the ones above. I love the look of her drawings: the bashfulness and that mid-blink make her caricatures unique to her style. 

JordanGraceOwens Etsy

There's a similar hipness vibe to these custom portraits by Jordan Grace Owens. These portraits even come with the handcut oval framed vignette gold frames - an added bonus.

How's this for a different twist - custom portraits of your home!  L-O-V-E it. Talented artist, Rebekka Seale, creates these beautiful drawings of people's homes. I'm even sure she can draw my uninspiring tract home exterior to look unique to all the other PUD tract homes around me...umm maybe...hey, it's worth a shot. 


  1. Your "monster family portrait" is so much fun. I also really like the Lawson drawing- very sweet.

    1. Thanks 'homestilo'! Nan Lawson's are my favorite too. You should check out Lawson's Etsy shop, she has some other non-custom prints for sale there too.

  2. I still have several copies of your 'human portrait' wedding art card stashed in my special memories box. I plan to add it to my wedding album which I still haven't finished putting together after 10 years!!!

    I love the custom portraits of homes...would love to have one done of our house too! Also, I wouldn't mind having one of Jordan Grace Owens portraits too!!!

    1. I think you break the record with having NOT put together your wedding album!

  3. wow I love Rebekka's work! would love to have a print of my own house :) thanks for sharing!

    1. You're welcome. Rebekka's house portraits are so popular she is booked for orders until March 2013!


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