Monday, December 31, 2012

Resolutions are tough S.O.B.S

I honestly think resolutions are made to be broken. We all make them at the beginning of the year and fail to keep them by the end of the year. But resolutions at least give us something to strive for each and every year - whether we fail or succeed at it is besides the point.

I've been resolute to lose the extra poundage I've put on since my first child was born 5 years ago, but got farther away from my goal when my second child was born 2 years ago. But that does not stop me from making it my resolution for the 5th straight year! Hallelujah!

But my problem  It's damn near everywhere I look.  

I can be sipping out of my morning mug and bam!  One of my favorite seafoods staring right at me. Begging me to imagine eating some surf and turf.

lobster mug

I go to look at my calendar to see what the day holds for me and what the H-E-double hockey sticks is this?! A food and beer calendar? It's hard enough to fit in those pair of jeans I had from last year without having to see that July has a delicious looking burger on it. Not fair.

Beer and Food calendar

How about fashion? Scouring the internet looking at stunning clothes by the late Alexander McQueen and you run across something that makes you want to eat. A recreation of McQueen's rainbow feather dress using 50,000 gummi bears! Who knew those delicious little candies can make stunning fashion as well.

Gummi bear Alexander McQueen dress recreation

I love looking at home design and those damn gummi bears even make chandeliers look delish.  

Ah, who am I kidding? resolutions suck.

I hope my five faithful followers and all you anonymous traffic sources have a great New Year. 

(gummi bear photos via design milk and relinquishing junk)

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