Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What a cubicle dweller dreams of...

For this episode of "What a cubicle dweller dreams of..."

I am a worker bee, not the Queen bee, but simply a worker bee. What better place to put us worker bees but in a hive. If you're going to put us in a hive, than why not a happy and bright hive with fake trees around us (...and is that a stripper pole on the left hand side?!!).  

Cool cubicle

This colorful office spells F-U-N and F-U-N-K-Y.  Plus, I'm digging the privacy of these enclosed "hives."

Tetris lamp

Want to continue with the fun? I'd put these Tetris desk lamps inside my hive and trip the light fantastic every day. 

colorful fasteners - office supplies

Do you have to put together your TPS reports? Use these candy-colored fasteners and you'll have everyone talking.  

Shazam power strip
Who says your power strip has to be bland?  I wouldn't mind plugging my electronics into this strip and saying "Shazam!" (yes, I'm a nerd). 

Origami post-in notes

Why waste those post-it notes after you jot down reminders to yourself, turn your jots into art. Those phone numbers I wrote down would look much better being on the side of a squirrel. So irreverent!

(cubicle photo via The Chive)


  1. I love the Origami Sticky Note Pad...always open to learning new ways of folding paper!

  2. Well, every “worker bee” will surely be happy to work in that funky hive. You can just add some sweet honey and you can certainly work all day inside. :-) [Blake Mitchell]


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