Monday, January 28, 2013

hipster animals

Dyna Moe became known when she did illustrated scenes of the show Mad Men, she has since branched out and created a wonderful world of hipster animals which can be seen on her tumblr. She was influenced by the drawings of Richard Scarry, but she gives it her own twist by her cool, a tad bit pretentious, sometimes trendy, animal characters, all drawn with Dyna's tongue-in-cheek humor.  

Dyna Moe

Dyna Moe

The hipster animals are everywhere now. No longer are your children's rooms decorated with cutesy bunnies, kittens and puppies, but with more intelligent, sophisticated woodland animals (nothing says "intelligent" than a hedgehog with glasses, Harry Potter glasses that is).

I'll name this guy "Harry the Hedgehog" who likes to read "War and Peace" in his spare time...for the 100th time.
Mr. and Mrs. Fox like to sit together drinking their English Tea and chatting about the Fiscal Cliff.


Ruthie the Deer spends her days in the museum wishing she could inhabit a Seurat painting. 


Oscar the Owl, who is an accountant by day, but designs irreverent clothing at night (those Charlie Brown stripes with the space invader jacket is so....hip).


I've always been a duck fan. Growing up my family had ducks for pets (yes pets). Ducks always seemed so clumsy, yet cute. Clumsy and cute no longer, in homage to my post theme, I've created my own hipster duck:

Meet Lulu the disinterested lifestyle blogger.  Lulu is more interested in enjoying her cup of coffee than taking a picture of it or blogging about her experience at the newest cafe down the street.  She is just too hip for it all (but of course once she is done with her cup of coffee, she'll go right on blogging about the salted caramel brulee she is about to consume, because it's that good).
lulu the duck


  1. Love your Lulu the Duck drawing...I've stumbled upon some cool hipster duck drawings lately that I might have to do a blog post about it! Of course, Lulu will be one of them :)

    I'll always have a soft spot for ducks!

    1. lulu is a hip duck - give her a shout out. We need to make ducks cool, they are not just insurance pitch animals. Looking forward to your duck post.


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