Sunday, January 20, 2013

Paper Cutting Art

I absolutely love the art of paper cutting. The intricacies of this art is unbelievable. It takes a combination of imagination and precision to create them.  The extent of my paper cutting skills were the paperdolls I made as a child, so to see something like the following is mind-blowing:

Bovey Lee
(Bovey Lee)
The art of paper cutting originated in 6th century China and now all parts of the world have their version of it. In my Filipino culture, the parols (which began as a traditional star shape lantern) were originally made using paper (the newer versions use capiz).


The famous children's author, Hans Christian Andersen, was a famous paper cutter. He often used his own cuttings to illustrate his stories.

Hans Christian Andersen

The following are some artists works that I find amazing:

Sher Christopher
(Sher Christopher)

Chloe Fleury
(Chloe Fleury)
Elsa Mora
(Elsa Mora)
Fideli Sundqvist
(Fideli Sundqvist)
This is where an X-Acto Knife and a whole helluva imagination can take you!

(parol photo via, Hans Christian Andersen via)


  1. I can't even imagine how much time went into some of these. Although, I've always loved paper dolls and find the fact that you could make your own pretty impressive as well!

    1. Thank you for being so kind! Thanks for stopping by again! Check out my sister's Etsy shop (RockPaperTekla) via her blog, she sells some cute paper dolls

  2. Funny that you posted about paper art! My next Etsy Favorite Finds for this week features all paper artist and their paper jewelry!

    The still life paper art is my favorite! As a paper artist, I could only dream of being that skilled!!! Great post!

    1. We must be reaching a blogger mind melt - looking forward to your next post


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