Thursday, January 24, 2013

What a cubicle dweller dreams of...

Take a look at this photo:

Google London office

Are you thinking Austin Powers? Something groovy? Sexy? This velvety lounge of goodness is actually one of Google's office spaces in London, England. Come on, who can get any work done in this lounge, my fifteen minute break can easily turn into hours of snoozing and relaxation. 

Google London office

I prefer mine "shaken, not stirred."

Gold stapler
This luxe office deserves a luxe stapler - maybe it uses gold staples?

Jonathan Adler card holder
My business cards will look all fancy pants snuggled in these Jonathan Adler card holders.

Kate desk calendar
All this manly grooviness deserves some feminine charms.  This Kate gold and pink calendar would fit the bill. 

I wonder if there are actually cubicles in these Google offices? Just use "Google" to search the other Google offices around the world and see where all those creative minds come together.

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