Thursday, January 17, 2013

Photo Art

One of my favorite classes I ever had in high school was my sophomore year photo class. I learned to love the camera and the ability it had to make your subject look like art. I am still a huge fan of using your photographs as a home decor element. It's not only personal, but sometimes can be quite inexpensive as well.

Some of my favorite home decor shots are the ones using large celebrity photographs as art on their walls. Being a fan of the world of home design, pop culture and photography, it's the perfect combination.

paul newman print

Elizabeth Taylor print

Elvis Presley print

The following photo collage is such a fantastic way to display your personal photos in a stylish and artistic way.  I've begun my own project to frame my children's photos through the years this way. 

Person polaroid art

Polaroid Art.  A simple idea of arranging your polaroids into a heart shape and then taping it to canvas.  Love it.

Polaroid art

Next time don't relegate all your photos to an album - frame it, hang it and be proud of it. 

(photos found here, here and here; if anyone knows the source of the Paul Newman photo, please advise)


  1. I love that photo collage! Although I think that frame is taller than me and you! We'll probably need someone tall like Ryan Gosling (shirtless) to carry it to our homes!

    1. My frame will be of much smaller scale than the one in the photo. I'm going to put all those chronological photos I took of Milo and Stella on my sofa in a matted frame. Maybe one day I'll pull up a huge photo of the Gosling and hang it in my house (although I don't think Allan would like that much)

    2. Whether it’s a pencil sketch, pop art, picture to art, oil painting or caricature, personalized art can be a unique gift for any occasion.


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