Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I like Girls

I'm kind of out of the loop when it comes to series television. Being a full time working mother with two rambunctious kids, the only regular tv shows I watch are on Nick or Nick Jr. I think I've seen every Max & Ruby, Dora The Explorer, and Ni Hao Kai Lan shows there ever was and for that matter I've seen them more than once. 

So when I started watching the hit HBO show, Girls, I had no idea it was on it's second season - that's how behind on the times I am. I literally got into this show that I ended up watching the entire first season on my IPhone in one day. Now I'm caught up and make it a point to watch it on Sunday nights. 

The critics say it's similar to "Sex and the City," but to be honest, I never watched one episode of that show. The show it resembles to me is one of my favorite shows of the 1990s - Felicity. Felicity is also about young friends in New York City. Hannah is like Felicity, although more wordy and with tattoos. Marnie is like Felicity's uptight friend, Elena.  Jessa resembles Felicity's cool, yet tad weird friend Meghan.  You can even say Hannah's gay ex-boyfriend, now roommate, is like Felicity's Javier (who is still one of my favorite characters that ever inhabited tv-land).  As for Adam? He's Ben, only more troubled and definitely a little psychotic. Girls is like Felicity, but way more funny and definitely filthy (in a good way).


Believe it or not, a lot of men love Girls too. The show is smartly written and the mistakes and issues these girls go through is definitely relatable to men as well. Problems with relationships and jobs is something everyone can relate to. The characters in this show are not perfect, in fact, they are all a bit narcissistic, self-absorbed and sometimes unlikeable. The friendships aren't all "lend me your ear" or "I'm here for you," but more real, brutal and honest. 

This is not some chick show. Check it out if you can.


  1. I love that television shows tend to be more interesting and enjoyable than most movies nowadays! There are so many tv shows I'd love to watch but, like you, don't have the time! 'Girls' seems like a fun show but it's going to be a hard sell for me especially since I was not a fan of 'Sex In the City' and 'Felicity'!! I am open to the possibility though...but first I want to try 'Downtown Abbey!'

    1. I think you'll like Girls - it's funny and filthy is how I describe it in a short way. Just don't watch it with Paco and Mas in the room.

  2. Dynasty was my all-time favorite. Never missed an episode. I pray to god to please bring back the shoulder pads and best of all - the cat fights!

    1. oh Noel! the cat fights were always the best on Dynasty - Melrose Place copycatted them


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